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Title: there's a place i know where trains go slow
Fandom: Last Resort
Pairing: Grace/James, references James/Tani
Word Count: 174
Rating: PG
Warnings/Notes: for [livejournal.com profile] wolfgenes. One. Apologies for the lateness of this. Two, I'm not sure what this is. I hope you like it. I kind of like it. It's very gen. It's a look at the beach scene from James' perspective. That's what came to me with your prompt. happy holidays ♥

Sometimes it feels like they are all moving a million miles an hour, even when standing still. That’s what Saint Marina was for the crew of the S.S Colorado. That’s what it was for James King.

He is used to going at breakneck speed though everything, but this is different. He always had orders, reasons, a plan to follow, and teammates to stand by. Here he has none of these, nothing to make any sense of this world spiraling out of control. Except for Tani.

And now, he supposes, Grace. There was something about what they were doing. It should be complicated, confusing and problematic. It isn’t. It is calm, quiet and almost peaceful. Well, not the act itself, but the feeling it gives him. Everything slows down for them in this moment. And their crazy messed up world ceases to matter.

But then she leaves. And insists ‘it’s a one-time thing’. And he finds himself saying okay. And the world speeds up again. With more confusion and craziness than it had started with.


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